U.S. Border Watch (Speaker for John Birch Society) Attacks Freedom Fighter Radio for ripping a Mexican Flag and calls Secret Service – FOIA document proof

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Curtis Collier president of U.S. Border Watch and a speaker for JBS

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Call these enemies of the !st amendment 1-800-759-0948

By: Freedom Fighter Radio

Note: Alex Jones supports backs this group.

US border watch is a organization that has engaged in attacks on American citizens that desecrate Mexican flags. They also have filed false records with the federal government is to get Patriots arrested. The John Birch along with Alex Jones supports the very people that have engaged in these attacks on American citizens and filing false reports with the federal government by calling the Secret Service on patriots with false chargesCurtis Collier president of US border watch is a speaker for the John Birch Society is now proven to be a liar and a fraud.

On May 1, 2008 I attended a counter rally against illegal parasites under the invite of fellow patriots in Texas, and former founding members of U.S. Border Watch. US border watch has falsely claimed that they had a protest permit for the rally. This is an outright lie the only permit they had was a bull horn permit. This can be verified with Lt. Rodriguez of special operations division of the Houston Police Department.

I brought with me a Mexican flag that I destroyed prior to its destruction, I clearly stated that what I was about to do was not an attack on their Latin Heritage but was an act of defiance against a corrupt govt that serves as a sock puppet for the NEW WORLD ORDER and those who wish to implement the NAU (North American Union).

U.S. Border watch told me not to this even though illegals were desecrating our flag. I said it was my 1st amendment right to do so. When I did Steve Potvin of Houston, Texas one of Border Watch’s officers, along with another individual began to attack me by body slamming me. I did not retaliate and we were separated by HPD. I then began to use my bullhorn and state that they were enemies of the 1st amendment. At this time Steve Potvin broke the barrier and attacked me a 2nd time which resulted in him being dragged off me by force by a HPD officer. There is an actual documented incident report of this on file with the HPD.

Curtis Collier president of U.S. Border Watch called the Secret Service that weekend and filed a false report accusing me falsely of planning to kill George W. Bush. (Note: I was cleared 6 months later).As result of Border Watch’s lies I had my home raided by the Secret Service along with my local sheriff dept in bullet proof vest. I was interrogated for 3 hours.

I wonder how much taxpayer money wass wasted as result of Curtis Collier’s lies. U.S. Border watch again is supported by Alex Jones, and the John Birch Society.How can they or anyone claim to be about freedom and the Bill of Rights if they support and or participated in attacks on Americans for exercising their 1st amendment right and file false reports with DHS.

I have the link to the FOIA report I filed the day I was cleared by the Secret Service.


I openly and publicly challenge and of the named parties in this blog to take action against me as they are all Freedom Frauds.

The United States Secret Service cleared Freedom Fighter Radio, Jim, S, falsely accused by the President of US Border Watch

(Curtis Collier) of threats to Kill George Bush

The accusation; Threats to kill the President of the United States George W. Bush

Curtis Collier is now on record for giving false allegations to the United States Secret Service, as referenced in file # 1276710038552-554 This is on file with the agency.

Curtis’s false allegations resulted in my home being searched (no illegal weapons found),a close to 3 hour interview. US Border Watch, Curtis Collier, will go to any length to lie about those he disagrees with. This is odd, because, I fully oppose illegal immigration and support secure border initiatives as well.

Collier’s attacks began on May 1, 2008 in Houston, Texas over my First Amendment Right of Free Speech when I protested against the corrupt government of Cauldron by shredding a Mexican Flag. This resulted in assaults against me by two officers of US Border Watch, Steve Potvin and Bob Price. Steve Potvin assaulted me by slamming his chest against me. The second incident was when Steve Potvin assaulted me a second time by slamming his chest against me. Curtis was fully aware of these assault incidents. This incident is on file with the Houston Police Department at1200 Travis Street. The incident number of US Border Watch being removed by Houston Police is 70823108Z . The report can be obtained at the Houston Police Dept. 1200 Travis Street Houston Texas.

Many organizations are aware of the U.S. Border watch altercations. They have no problem supporting and employing people with no character. They support people that make false allegations and suppress people that exercise their First Amendment Rights.Unfortunately, The John Birch Society is one of these organizations. Bill Hahn, National PR. Coordinator for the John Birch Society still has Curtis Collier listed on their speaker bureau even though he ,and The John Birch Society has been made aware of the file mentioned above.

So, here is what we are looking at

1.The filing of false statements and report by Curtis Collier to the United States Secret Service against Jim S.Curtis Collier claims that he was contacted by the Secret Service about a threat to President George W. Bush and himself.

This is a outright lie which can be proven from a file with the United Secret Service file # 1276710038552-554which the Service has now found to be a lie

2. Curtis Collier impersonating a Houston Police Officer on May 2, 2008.

3. Attempts by U.S. Border Watch members to suppress free speech with the use of force in Violation of USC Title 18 section 1 and section 2. Incident # 70823108Z

4. Class 3 assaults by more than one officer and member of US Border Watch

(Steve Potvin and Bob Price)

5. The use of the F word directed at and in the presence of females in the area.

6. This organization has become PC (politically castrated)

Link to this post from my former old website. on March 2, 2011


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