EXPOSED–Patriots Who Support A Pervert, Felon And BLM Advocate

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The Patriot movement,three percent and even Confederates groups are now supporting Saad Kooza Salman he uses Malcolm X as his profile pic. Saad is a advocate for incest, he also calls Black Lives Matter his brothers and sisters and falsely claims BLM which is part of the Black Panthers does not call for the murder of police officers. BLM is also backed by the Muslim Brotherhood and call for the murder of all police officers and genocide against the white race. Some of the patriots who support Saad are Jon Ritzheimer,Ace Baker,Tommy E. Hodges aka Tommy Gunn, Hammer,Matthew Peavy,Will Johnson,Sal Lincoln, Jay Stanley, James Stanley, Patrick Jefferson,Shawn Wisdom,Harley Drew Morgan aka Outlaw Morgan and 100 percent of the organizers and supporters of the MOAR Rally. I openly condone actions to take down the facebook accts such as reporting, and more of these named individuals along with anyone you see on their friends lists to include the groups on Facebook that back these apologists for Evil. The people you support are a direct reflection of your values and yes agendas.

Tens of thousands in the Patriot Movement,three percent movement and Confederate groups are calling this Evil immoral man named Saad Kooza Salman a Patriot and a Christian brother. Saad even claims to be a Christian

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