All Social Media Platforms now consider opposition to Sharia Law as hate speech here’s the proof

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The video BELOW was banned on my facebook accts and by every Social media platform such as Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Youtube just to name a few . The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to stop this video from being seen. Sharia is Spiritual Diarrhea. This site will not be silent or submit nor be intimidated by the Religion of the Antichrist aka Islam. We must not only educate about this threat but prepare for the inevitable conflict between Non Muslims and Muslims on American soil. Islam Is A Threat To America Resistance to Islam is Obedience to God the true God who sent his son Jesus to die for our sins

Below you will see the video and below it the message from vimeo that the video doesn’t exist. Vimeo has sided with the islamic Brotherhood. We openly call for cyberwarfare against Periscope,Snapchat,Vimeo,Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,MEWE,and youtube

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Author: johnnyinfidel

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General Mark Davis
1 year ago

This is General Mark Davis Of The Confederate Forces Of America.Trump is being blocked in every way possible in his agenda to stop obamacare and building the wall and other issues.Butthurt liberals are saying people cant speak out against muslims or black lives matter or antifa etc.In 2020 a full complete Confederate Revolution will begin the democrates will not get there way.We will defeat our enemies with the sword of justice.