Three Percenter And Former Marine David Allen Wright Insults Trump Supporters Calls Trump A Scumbag

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Anti Trumper David Wright is a Pervert posing as a Patriot he is attacking Trump and all those who support Trump. He is supported by many three percenters, confederates,and believe it or not Trump supporters many who are not yet aware of his Anti Trump stance. We believe he may be controlled opposition, who is gathering intel on Patriots by putting up a front.

We openly call for actions to take down his social media account starting with Facebook. If you support Trump help take down his Facebook accounts by reporting him for anything along with any who are openly supporting him. Collateral damage is something we must accept in order to stop Faketriots such as him. Check out his friends list and target them as well.

This is a screenshot of what Former Marine thinks about all Trump supporters.

Author: johnnyinfidel

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