The security and safety of our Southern border

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What’s on my mind is the security and safety of our Southern border..I fully support President Trump in his efforts to build a wall or barrier to keep out the trash like ms13,Drug dealers,child traffickers,illegal aliens,everyone…our country is in great danger and we as patriots need to rise up and protect her. Our forefathers warned us in the constitution of such things as what’s going on now with the Socialist party in this country and they the Socialist who ever they may be wherever they may be must be shut down and defeated…America will NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY NEVER. SO let the socialist scum like Antifa,Black Lives Matter and these Confederate groups pretending to be Patriots trying to raise money to help themselves,they care nothing about our Country or the Security of our country. They care only about their so called Southern heritage and their monument’s and nothing about our country..Then we have those socialist pigs up on capital hill there are some conservatives as well in this mixture that are working overtime to over throw our president Donald Trump…this man is the greatest gift that we patriots have he is fighting for our country and the American people day in and day out. He’s not perfect,but who of you out there can say you are…non of you including me…I will stand and fight for what is right and just I will stand and fight for our country l..I will stand and fight and support our constitution and I will stand and fight and protect our great military…One more thing Islam is a great threat to our country they have infiltrated our government at the highest levels as well as our patriot groups it is these scum bags who  must also be stopped as for me I have spoken on some of the issues that are on my mind and I could care less what you or anybody else may say about me..AMERICA FIRST….AMERICANS FIRST…BUILD OUR WALL AND STOP THE SCUM FROM COMING IN AND DESTROY THE SOCIALIST IN THIS COUNTRY..THERE IS ONLY ROOM FOR  TRUE BLUE AMERICANS HERE AND ALL OTHERS MUST GO….GOD BLESS AMERICA

This post written by Michael Atkinson

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