Commander Rick Light of the Texas State Militia Has Nazi Connections And Supports A Convicted Child Rapist

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Rick Light aka Minuteman of Rock Springs, Texas,


To hear JT Ready calling Hitler a great man click here

Freedom Fighter Radio Challenges any and all Patriot websites to publicly denounce the NSM

If these sites do not do this it will indicate that they may have no problem with the NSMs agenda and dont want to lose members who are part of the NSM.

Report Rick Lights facebook page and help take it down by reporting and ant means necessary along with any group and all people connected to him. Here is his facebook page

Here is a comment from Layton Wyman an Admin for WRAM about the White Supremacist Neo-Nazi Jt Ready who is a leader in the NSM (the NSM is the largest white Nationalist Socialist group in America) his group of Nazis is called Border Guard and is being endorsed by Rick Light aka Minuteman and WRAM.

Note: JT Ready a Neo_Nazi of Border Guard who again is supported by WRAM has called Hitler a great civil rights leader. He is also a holocaust denier too and is ant-Semitic. I challenge anyone to dispute this.

Here the audio proof of the above statement of JT Ready calling Hitler a great man click here

Jt Ready pictured below 2nd from right

Yes,it is JT Readys group, and I do admire what they are doing there, in spite of their political beliefs, at least they do seem to be working with the Border Patrol. I know a lot of people do not care for their beliefs, but to all appearances they do seem to be accepted by the Agents that are working the border and no reports of any type of abuse has came out about them, so I admire the thankless job that they are doing. At least in this instance they are Patriots helping to protect our borders and they do seem to have been accepted by the agents working the area.

Quote above by Layton Wyman (Admin) on August 13, 2010 at 9:51am

So now we have the Militias that are part of WRAM willing to work with Nazis this is unacceptable and is compromising what America Stands for. Yet WRAM states on their site get this Racism is NOT ok Rick and WRAM you are hypocrites for endorsing Racists.

Rick Light aka Minuteman of Rock Springs, Texas,

Chief Admin and Founder of WRAM

To hear Rick Light aka Minuteman founder of WRAM make what appears to be a death threat click hereIt is also a documented fact that Charles A. Dyer aka July4thPatriot has had direct contact with Rick Light, founder of WRAM. July4thPatriot is the U.S. Marine that is currently charged with the alleged rape of his own daughter. J4Patriot has also been fully aware of WRAM’s connection to American Nazi’s the NSM, he also allegedly had a profile in 2009 on the Storm Front website. Storm Front is the world’s largest Neo-Nazi white supremacist forum/site in the world with thousands of members.

 To download our radio archive about this

click on download button below.

Free Speech

Source: Freedom Fighter Radio

WRAM (Well Regulated American Militias) has and is working with members of a white supremacist Neo-Nazi group called the NSM (National Socialist Movement).

Note also what has not been reported to public by the media cartels and Govt, is that the event called Riflestock was canceled due to NSM involvement with that event. Your so called leaders wont tell you this.

Rick aka Minuteman of WRAM along with Randy Mack also of WRAM have full knowledge of the NSM as part of The Well Regulated American Militias. WRAM and its leaders along with its members have fully endorsed and condoned the actions and philosophies of a NSM leader by the name of JT Ready (not to be confused with JT Campell a radio host with Freedom Fighter Radio). JT Ready is a white supremacist Neo-Nazi leader of the NSM.

How can ARM and WRAM claim that they do not endorse racism when its a fact that they have both worked with and promote working with Socialists.

I have spoken with Rick aka Minuteman about this and his response was ” At least he is doing something about the border. I also believe in border security. But we cannot and must not do it with Socialist who are a threat to the foundations of our nation. These organizations also have members who have advocated indiscriminate sniper attacks on military bases. It is a fact that JT Ready is a white supremacist Neo-Nazi


The pride of Mesa, once again, JT Ready second from right.

Way to represent, J.T.! Youre a credit to your, um, master race. But why wasnt J.T. done up like Hermann Goering or some other fat Nazi bastard? Cant he afford a uniform? Maybe he needs to get his own neo-Nazi troupe going, get some dues rolling in from other local losers, then he can have him some Nazi duds too.

To see JT Ready as a member of Stormfront a White Supremacist website which WRAM seems to have no problem with click here

Rick Light aka Minuteman and his WRAM Nazi Connections and his support of a Convicted Child Rapist

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