A Message To An Antifa Terrorist

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My video message to a terrorist watch this video.
Terrorist Alert
To get more information about this terrorist Who is working with Antifa and the Muslim brotherhood posing as a Patriot She continues along with others to make death threats against multiple patriots. We have audio and screenshots.
Click on link below to see more important information on this dangerous individual. 

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Terrorist Alert

Domestic Terrorist Alert

Author: johnnyinfidel

1 thought on “A Message To An Antifa Terrorist

  1. This cunt likes harrassing people.I know she will see this post.She called me out of the blue ,I didnt start shit with her.But she fucked with the wrong person now.Transgender Terrorist claiming shes FBI haha what a laugh since when has the FBI lowered there standards?Your mistake is your on our radar.If i was you i would cease and desist cunt.Blocking your number when you call.Your a stupid fucking cunt whoes impersonating a human being.Your dog shit.

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