Message To The Islamic Savages of The World

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Islamic Savage in Nigeria named Adegoke O Adebayo thinks he and his fellow followers of he Goat humping, throat slitting, illiterate desert nomad,false prophet and child rapist aka Muhammad will take America down. This is my response and warning.

This islamic savage’s facebook page is

Take his facebook page down by any means you can

My response to this islamic raghead and the islamic world

Author: johnnyinfidel

1 thought on “Message To The Islamic Savages of The World

  1. yes james great truthful vidieo here im on your side all the way against this evil demonic terroistic organization of islam they are messing with 80 million gun owners here in the usa when this hits off im on board i will fight the enemy islam right to the end cair. southern poverty law center washington lefties and politicians are favoring islam to blm/antifita/ are the enemys as well too

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