Terrorist Alert

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Exposing Terrorist Tina Marie Vausdeva also goes by Tina Piazza and Tina Singh whose real name is Tina Bowie of Mufreesboro Tennessee a 4ft foot 11 transgender dwarf terrorist operating on facebook under the fake name Tina Piazza Report that facebook acct as a fake name and fake acct help take it down asap

She has distributed child porn and Meth

This terrorist has and continues to threaten to kill senior citizens in multiple states and their families and is spreading lies in a attempt to have people targeted and killed. Has even threatened to have me killed and has solicited people to do this.
To get more information about this terrorist
https://www.ibb.co/qsJbd6C She now lives with a convicted felon named Donnie Yates in Lebanon Tennessee

Who is working with Antifa and the Muslim brotherhood posing as a Patriot She continues along with others to make death threats against Trump Supporters and multiple patriots.

The ip address to this terrorist is

TERRORIST ALERT This is the psychopath inbred scumbag A Meth Head in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

Who called and made a threat Here is a link to my post to hear his threat https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=220553858884850&id=100027907110088

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