EXPOSED – Alex Jones/Infowars Proof of Their Support of A Neo Nazi Child Killer

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Alex Jones along with Patrick Henningsen and Shawn Helton of InfoWars do not think that JT Ready’s statements that Hitler was a great man, Nazi Germany a great country, and that Hitler never killed anyone innocent is divisive or racist. In fact they claim that JT Ready was a Patriot. Anyone who subscribes to the ideology Nazism is not a patriot let alone anyone who stands behinds and defends Nazis like JT Ready. Infowars is trying to whitewash the truthabout this dangerous Neo Nazi as they have no problem with the agendas of the NSMand Stormfront.

Any group, individual, or website that stands behind Alex Jones and Infowars cannot deny that they are standing behind those who call Nazis Patriots. FFR will go on record and challenge anyone to include Alex Jones to a debate on this issue.

To see proof

So it is now obvious that Alex Jones is defending White Supremacist and Nazis as patriots. And infowars is fully aware of the audio below of JT Ready praising Hitler!!

To hear JT Ready making these statements click here

Infowar’s Statement about JT Ready

Despite the media’s full-spectrum character assassination of Ready, all evidence from his speeches and interviews point to a modus operandi that was not divisive, racist, or overly militant. On the contrary, this was an incredibly articulate, level-headed, and thoughtful political upstart – certainly an individual whose aspirations of gaining elected office in Arizona’s Pinal County were not at all unattainable.

See the Proof click here

To read full article the statement above was taken from click here


The pride of Mesa, once again, JT Ready second from right.

Way to represent, J.T.! You’re a credit to your, um, “master race.” But why wasn’t J.T. done up like Hermann Goering or some other fat Nazi bastard? Can’t he afford a uniform? Maybe he needs to get his own neo-Nazi troupe going’, get some dues rolling’ in from other local losers, then he can have him some Nazi duds too.

Alex Jones’ website Infowars, they defended Neo-Nazi JT Ready. on May 7 2012

JT Ready is a well known Neo-Nazi and white supremacist.

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