KKK advocates arrested for vandalism and ethnic intimidation in defacing and urinating on monument and artwork of Black Slaves

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Two charged with vandalizing UNC-Chapel Hill monuments, stealing flag CLICK HERE

Police arrested two people Monday for defacing a monument and an art exhibit on the UNC campus early March 31 with racist graffiti.

The pair also were charged in the theft of a university flag that morning from atop the UNC System Building.

UNC Police Media Relations Manager Randy Young said police charged Nancy Rushton McCorkle, 50, of Newberry, S.C., with vandalism and ethnic intimidation in connection with damage to the Unsung Founders Memorial and an outdoor exhibit near Hanes Art Center.

Ryan Francis Barnett, 31, of Sanford, was charged with two counts of vandalism, one count of ethnic intimidation and one count of public urination. McCorkle and Barnett both were charged with larceny in the theft of the flag, which was shown in online photos.

Exposed An advocate for the KKK who claims to also be a Trump supporter listen to the audio Trump denounced the KKK its name is 
Nancy Rushton McCorkle known on facebook as just Nancy Rushton. She says she’s not part of any hate group yet she says the KKK is part of her heritage. Heritage is something you’re born into KKK is something you choose.



Below is a police report that is public record the individual listed is Nancy Rushton McCorkle”s sons address and phone number

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