Does the destruction of Notre Dame by fire symbolize the destruction of Western civilization by mass Muslim immigration?

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Muslims shouted ‘Allah Akbar’: As Notre Dame burned, muslims celebrated on social media.

Hundreds of hate messages were published on social media last Monday night while the devastating fire that destroyed the roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris was still raging. Many of these messages were posted on accounts bearing visibly Islamic names, under the hashtag #NotreDame.

Complaints will be filed by the AGRIF (Alliance against racism and for the respect of French and Christian identity)*, an official defense league that has the capacity to initiate penal prosecution in such matters.

“Allah Akbar, f**k France, f**k the pigs. Karma, now let’s destroy and build a mosque Inchalah,” wrote a man named “Fares” pictured by a black young man.

Apparently, Youtube believes this video is offensive to certain audiences such as the followers of a goat humping,throat slitting,illiterate desert nomad,pedophile,and false prophet named Mohamed aka islamic savages known as Muslims – so they have made it difficult to share.

So we here at Freedom Fighter Radio have made it easy to see and share by hosting it on our servers.

MORE HERE: THE NOTRE DAME FIRE: OUR FAULT, OUR MOST GRIEVOUS FAULT: A visual reminder of the inferno that is engulfing Western civilization

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