Exposing Domestic Terrorists Who Support The Removal Of The Largest Confederate Monument

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This person Tina Piazza 4 foot 10 Transgender terrorist who is Antifa who tries to make people think its a Patriot that supports a Democrat who promotes Communist agendas named Stacy Abrams who has vowed to remove the largest confederate monument. It also uses false info from a pro leftest website called Hatetrackers which works with the SPLC


The audio below is a recorded phone from Tina the terrorist to Joe Framo Iam on the call and make comments around 11 min. She makes multiple death threats and even threatens to stab a retired nurse in the neck after she slits her throat. Around 14 min

The address in the audio below is no longer valid new address we believe is 1080 Cairo Bend Rd Lebanon Tennessee. The phone is still the same

Go to www.tinapiazzaisadomesticterrorist.com

Author: johnnyinfidel

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