Bomb Threat To Arizona Courthouse From US Yellow Jackets and III% Security Force Member

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US Yellow Jackets led by Caleb Broad and III% Security Force led by Chris Hill and David Allen Wright of B.A.I.R and Daughters Of Liberty coalition connection to bomb threat of Federal Building in Arizona. The leaders of these groups and many of its members openly promote violence as a solution for everything. The leaders of these mentioned groups are on record such as David Wright who has said us Trump supporters to suck it and has said Trump is a treasonous bastard. These groups also promote and support unlawful activities and support convicted felons with guns and other unlawful activities.These groups are also working with a advocate for a convicted child rapist, a neo-nazi child killer and advocates for the Murder of Lavoy Finicum. The leaders of these groups also support advocates for BLM such as the Pit Viper Militia and Lightfoot militia.

Bomb threat targets New Mexico court where leader of armed group faces charges

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