Whether we like or not we are in a war with Islam

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Posted by: Jim Host of FreedomFighterRadio.com

America is been overrun by Predatory Islamic Beasts. These Predatory Beasts have a large subspecies of Propagadists, Enforcers, and an even larger subspecies of Moochers. The Predatory Beasts are controlled by a small Coven of International Banking Gangsters and Global Fascist Multi-national Corporations. These Beasts are eating our Lives and Liberties away. It is time to purge this nation of these Raging Beasts. They need to be brought to extinction and only hunters can do that. Simply trapping them and putting them in a cage will do no good.

In their wisdom, the Founding Fathers gave us an Irrevocable Hunting License for these Carnivorous Beasts: Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

In the days ahead, you will either be the Hunter or the Hunted. Choose wisely, the survival of America depends on it.

The war has now gone hot we must handle this situation with the same response that the redcoats received after they attacked on April 19, 1775. It’s time to drop the talk and engage the enemy with retaliation BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

My response would be that it’s time to turn some muzzy scum into ghosts! If someone uses deadly force to stifle your first amendment rights, then it’s time to use the second amendment!

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