Coca-Cola’s Islam-Themed ‘Ramadan Soda’ Sparks Outrage in Norway

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To commemorate the Muslim holy month, Coca-Cola Norway has added Islamic symbolism to their flagship beverage. While the contents of the soda bottles remained unaltered, many have voiced their displeasure with what has been perceived as political correctness gone too far.

In connection with the Islamic month of fasting, Ramadan, Coca-Cola Norway has launched a nationwide campaign featuring its recognisable logo adorned with a crescent moon, an important symbol in Islam.

While celebrating Ramadan has been a long tradition for Coca-Cola in Muslim countries, this is the first time it has donned Islamic imagery in the Scandinavian nation, where it previously only used to have Christmas campaigns.

“We want to show our clear stance on diversity and how important it is to society. Diversity and inclusion have always been important to Coca-Cola. For example, many do not know that in the 1950s we were actively engaged in the civil rights movement. Cola was the first to front women in advertising campaigns”, Johanna Kosanovic, marketing manager at Coca-Cola Norway, told the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, stressing the company’s commitment to diversity and gender equality.

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