III% Security Force Member Comes Out Against Chris Hill

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Info below is a statement from a former member of the III% Security Force

Georgia Security Force III% is the most active of several militia groups in Georgia and participated as “security” in a number of pro-Confederate flag rallies at Stone Mountain in the past year. Militia adherents that have split off from the group have referred to Hill as “dangerous” and a publicity seeker.

If I said it once, I must’ve said it a thousand times: “People who don’t like Chris Hill, simply don’t know Chris Hill.” Of course I couldn’t have been more wrong. 
I was and still am an active member of a national grass roots patriots group.  I noticed a few of our members where also members of a FB group called Constitutional Security Force (CSF).  When I asked around, I was told they were “a group of like minded patriots” who also did rifle training. There was also some whisper about them being a militia, although it was unconfirmed. I eventually joined the CSF FB group page to find out more. I recognized a few names of people I knew,  but I still wanted to know more. I wanted to DO more as a freedom-loving American and was always looking for more opportunity to do so. I asked to meet with the group administrator, who I learned was a guy named Christopher (Chris) Hill.  After little ado, I finally got that meeting.
When I first met Hill at a ‘meet-and-greet’, I remember the following thoughts coming to mind: “What the heck is up with this guy’s Columbine trench coat?” (Although later I would learn he thinks he looks more like the guy from The Matrix… You know, the ‘chosen’ one), and  “Why is he always grooming his invisible beard, like he’s Sigmund Freud studying me or something?”. I noticed too that when he would get stuck without an answer, he’d clear his throat before answering, or ask me a question. I later would learn that’s what he does before he tells a lie, to buy himself a few seconds to come up with a good one. At any rate, I was there for a meet and greet, and I’d asked for it, so I was going to make the most of it … in spite of my newly established apprehension. My husband agreed to come along with me that day, and I’m glad he did. It’s made for a lot of inside jokes and jabs between us since. Anyway, the meet and greet took place in someone’s home on a winter day, but Hill spent most of his time outside in the cold, chain smoking with his buddy (who I had the suspicion might’ve been on amphetamines) while we sat there on the couch inside and chatted up our gracious hosts, who ironically are good friends to this day. I remember asking Chris Hill if CSF was the ‘only’ militia in Georgia. I didn’t realize it then, but I have since…he never answered me! He changed the direction of the conversation. He explained that there was a smattering of people, splinter cells, groups of a few people here and there, but no real militia. However, he hoped to change that, of course (hope and change, the favorite slogan of failed leaders). I commented that I was very surprised and disappointed to hear that, given Georgia’s place in US history, as well as being in the Deep South in rebel country… You mean to tell me there wasn’t a militia in Georgia except for the one he was trying to get off the ground? He never corrected me. He explained he had a line on a Pennsylvania police chief who he’d hoped would help make that happen. For 30 minutes or so, all of the way home that day, my husband warned me against becoming affiliated with Hill,  but our hosts and another woman we met there that day seemed like nice people. And so began my excuses. All  because I wanted to be part of helping get a militia going in Georgia… because it was unfathomable that we didn’t have one. I did some research and learned that there was a FEMA -affiliated, but not an unorganized militia. 
On the CSF page about a week later, Hill told members that he’d secured affiliation with Chief Mark Kessler. CSF was now under Kesslers BOG umbrella, and if we wanted to be a part of CSF (to me that meant “if you want to help Georgia get a militia going”) we would need to complete the BOG application  — about our political views and what kind of weapons we owned — and return it, along with photo copies of our ID and CCW, to Chief Kessler for vetting. I obliged. I did all that was requested. Although CSF page administrator Sabrina Mergenthaler openly refused to comply, I excused the invasion of my privacy because I convinced myself I was doing a ‘good thing’ for Georgia and maybe someday, my country.  A few weeks later, Kessler announced on his page that I was “in” and he welcomed me (and others) to BOG. I was proud to be recognized. 
That spring, events began to unfold at the Bundy Ranch in NV. Hill was flat broke and unemployed as usual and was asking for “sponsors”.  I was getting ready to go to DC for Operation American Spring (OAS), so I couldn’t go to the Bundy ranch myself. So I gave him $500 to help him get there. 

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