Pima County Arizona Sheriffs department connection to Satanism, child porn,adultry,terrorism and insurrection against the Government exposed

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It’s a crying shame you have no control over your Deputies. Dep. Jarrett Settlemeyer has been under investigation for over a week now. He has no control over his home situation. His wife is daily on Periscope doing live videos to trash and ruin families across the States. She is involved in a child porn exchange chat room on Facebook. The FBI is looking at this. You might want to look into it also, since it involves one of your Deputies spouse. Tonight she went live on Periscope with her husband sitting next to her, condoning what she was saying and doing. She was targeting individuals in other states with all their background information. Called one gentleman a pedophile, when clearly he is not. Thus putting his life in grave danger. She, Dep. Settlemeyers wife threatened to hang a man and cut his testicles off. Another she threatened to kill also. This was a couple days ago. These attacks continue daily with his wife. It’s gone too far. Someone is going to get hurt if you don’t put a stop to it. Mrs Settlemeyer has deleted the live video from tonight but I’m sure you have the ability to retrieve it. She has 5 cell phones she uses and God only know how many computers or laptops. I repeat this has gone too far and people lives are at stake.

Exposed Pima County Arizona Sheriff Deputy Jarett Settlemeyer who goes by the name Monster has a wife named Eldon Settlemeyer aka Svetlana Yana Mikhailova on facebook. Also goes by the name Kit Settlemeyer and Yana Salducci on facebook.

The link to the facebook page of the Goat humping Savage that Eldon Settlemeyer supports who is pictured above CLICK HERE

Update 08-17-2019 — Now going by another fake name on Facebook which is Saira Svetlana Imam report it as a fake name her real name is Eldon Settlemeyer help take any account down of this Islamic supporter who is anti Israel, anti Trump who is supporting people engaged in Terroristic threats.

Audio proof of Eldon Settlemeyer aka Saira Svetlana Imam connection to a domestic terrorist

More articles about this Muslim CLICK HERE

Information about the domestic terrorist CLICK HERE

Recent news link of corruption in the ranks of Law Enforcement in Pima County Arizona More than 20 men and women from a wide range of trusted government positions are implicated in an FBI cocaine sting. CLICK HERE

Video Exposing ISLAM AND VIOLENT Antifa Members Posing As Patriots Promoting Sharia Law Gets Banned By Facebook CLICK HERE

Deputy Jarrett Settlemeyer of the Pima County Sheriffs Department wife is also into witchcraft

Here is a pic of Deputy Jarret Settlemeyer of the Pima County Arizona Sheriffs Dept. he goes by the alias Monster and works the 2nd shift

The deputy’s wife is also working with a person who is trying to organize armed groups to initiate insurrection against the Government Freedom Fighter Radio will be posting info on this sometime this week showing the pdf file of their preliminary plan

More info about the Settlemeyers

The pics below are the wife of a Pima County Arizona sheriffs deputy with the man she stayed at while she was on vacation in New Jersey. While her husband Jarret Settlemeyer was on duty in Arizona. The man below Kevin Hogan says he going to marry the Sheriffs Deputy’s wife. She also thinks there are good people who follow and promote the teachings of a child rapist named Muhammad since she says there are good muslims. All muslims follow and promote the teachings of a child rapist.

Call the Pima County Sheriffs Dept to share your thoughts its your Constitutional Right LIGHT UP THEIR PHONE LINES

Pima County Sheriff info
Main Headquarters
1750 E. Benson Highway
Tucson, AZ 85714

(520) 351-4600 

HERE IS THE LINK to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page share this post there and everywhere


Pima County Sheriff’s Department

Look who plans to run off with Pima County Arizona Sheriff Deputy Jarett Settlemeyer’s wife

Here is the Scumbag aka Kevin Hogan facebook link

Hey Deputy Jarett Settlemeyer looks likes another man wants to hide the salami with your wife maybe he already has. A

Looks like Kevin Hogan want to be like Captain Kirk from Star Trek LMAO

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  1. He likes to hide the salami in this cunt.Her husband evidently doesnt give a shit while this guy bangs his wife.haha what a dumbass.Gordon Wilson wants to hide the salami with this cunt.

  2. Anyone who openly advocates the killing of police officers,innocent men women and children and the over throw of our country is a threat and a terrorist which must be stopped. Thank you James for being to light these individuals who support Islam,black lives matter,Antifa and other such groups.

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