ATTENTION ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS Banned Facebook video that James Kawasaki who is anti Trump and a anti semitic Faketriot does not want you to see

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James Kawasaki has gotten me banned for 30 days As indicated below. He supports David Wright who calls President Trump a Treasonous Bastard and says all Trump supporters to suck it. He supports groups that work with an advocate for the Murder of a real Patriot Lavoy Finicum a convicted Child Rapist, and neo nazi child killers. he thought by getting this video banned on facebook he could stop me from exposing him. The video was banned on facebook but is back on the net here where it along with all post and videos on this site cant be banned aka silenced.

I openly advocate and encourage everyone that supports Trump and Israel to report and attack the Facebook acct of James Kawasaki here is his facebook acct link

Also take down by reporting anyone that shares any of his content on facebook

Watch these videos and share.

Author: johnnyinfidel

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