Armed Antifa group calls for “revolutionary resistance” against Trump

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The “Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM)” is a militant far-left extremist movement that claims to have six active cells across the U.S. This group openly supports foreign Communist soldiers like the IRPGF and others, and routinely organizes domestic criminal activity using their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They have coordinated campaigns to destroy Christopher Columbus statues and even bragged about their “success” on their social media platforms, they have encouraged their Facebook followers to burn down luxury housing developments, and they do all of this without any consequences from the big tech companies or the law enforcement community.

Source: Far Left Watch

Now, they are escalating their rhetoric and have called for “revolutionary resistance” against Donald Trump. In a recent declaration that explicitly called for “revolutionary resistance”:

“We believe that only popular self-organization, internationalist struggle, and revolutionary resistance against reactionary governments can defeat neofascism and imperialism.”

Screenshot from R.A.M. Facebook page

In a vacuum, this might appear to be an empty threat, but this extremist group’s social media footprint is littered with images and posts that glorify armed struggle and openly advocate for physical confrontation with people they believe to be “fascists”.

Screenshot from R.A.M. Facebook page

While Facebook bans “dangerous individuals” like Milo Yiannopoulous, Laura Loomer, and Paul Joseph Watson, and lists people like Candace Owens as “hate agents”; this armed extremist group is free to openly coordinate offline violence on their platform. This is just one more example of a larger pattern of Facebook’s asymmetrical enforcement of their Terms of Service.

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The next video is of me stopping an attack on a Trump Rally I attended in Atlanta Georgia. The attacker charged after he was told Jesus Loves You in response to him saying Fuck You Fuck You. Note in the video the first time he is knocked to the ground after I struck him with a asp baton. You will see the baton bent as I hit him very hard, he got up again and was struck again by me James Stachowiak aka Johnny infidel. I was also open carrying a colt 45 acp, hes lucky he was not shot.

15+ Antifa Vs. 4 or 5 middle aged men. 

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Despite antiseptic portrayals throughout American media, Antifa are more than ‘anti-fascists.’ Antifa provide the violent complement to academic neo-Marxism.

Despite antiseptic portrayals throughout American media, Antifa are more than “anti-fascists.” Antifa represent the chaos of Germany’s Weimar Republic and provide the violent complement to academic neo-Marxism. Like their philosophical comrades, Antifa seek to destroy the American emphasis on liberty under law and to impose a revival of one of history’s most repressive ideologies.

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