CNN editor praised murder of Jews who he called ‘Jewish pigs’ in terrorist attack on Israeli bus

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An editor who is a Muslim at CNN has resigned after a series of antisemitic comments he made resurfaced this week on Thursday.

Social media posts from years ago by a CNN photo editor and writer reveal that he called Jews “pigs” and praised their deaths. 

In a 2011 tweet, 25, wrote, “More than 4 jewish pigs killed in #Jerusalem today by the Palestinian bomb explode. #Israel #Gaza.” Elshamy joined CNN in January 2019. 

The tweet was an apparent reference to the March 23, 2011 bombing of a crowded Jerusalem bus stop that injured 39 people and killed two, not four. 

Among them was a 14-year-old girl who remained unconscious in the hospital for six years until her death in 2017. 

The terrorist attack, which took place after a bomb in a bag hidden behind a telephone booth exploded, was the first to strike the Israeli capital since 2008. 

In another tweet from 2011, Elshamy said, “Israel is the main enemy for the people of Egypt and shall always remain rulers who lick Jewish legs.”



CNN photo editor resigns over anti-Semitic tweets

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