Capital One hit with massive data breach affecting 100M+ customers

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Capital One said Monday that the data of 100 million U.S. customers was illegally accessed in a breach that federal prosecutors said was perpetrated by a Seattle woman who allegedly hacked the bank’s server at a cloud-computing company.

Six million Canadian customers were also affected.

The agency said that the data was accessed by exploiting a misconfigured firewall.

Capital One recently began migrating its data to the cloud to lower costs and plans to completely exit its data centers by 2020.

Paige Adele Thompson has been identified as the suspect accused of hacking into Capital One’s system, accessing credit card applications and compromising the personal data of more than 100 million people.

Capital One revealed the massive data breach in a news release on July 29, 2019. The bank says it does not appear that the hacker had used the stolen information for fraudulent purposes, but investigators will continue to look into it.

Thompson was arrested by FBI agents in Seattle and faces a federal charge of computer fraud and abuse. The FBI says Thompson appeared to brag about the hack online, which helped lead investigators to her.

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