Exposed – Video Proof Of Anti Trumper Communist Muslim aka Arlene Barnum Posing As A Patriot And Confederate

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Arlene Barnum who is a communist and BLM member that is supported by and working with many Patriot Groups. These groups are controlled opposition for the left as they continue to work with a professing Commie Bitch. Anyone and all groups that are supporting her or ever have are aware of her being a Commie and a Muslim. She joined the Nation Of Islam in the 1970’s

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In the video below shes wearing a shirt with the Communist Flag of Angola. She watching the past midterm election returns and trashes Trump.

She on record for promoting advocates for Islamic Terror groups

1. She converted to Islam back in the 70s. Her Muslim name is Yasriyyah Shamah Muhammad. Records show she used that name till at least 1993. I’m unable to confirm if she still considers herself a muslim. She also used Juliette Arlene Muhammad according to public records. 

2. I still have more to research on ancestors but on her mother’s father’s side every 2x great grandfather is black. Still trying to determine if one of her 2x great grandfather is white and irish as she claims. 
3. Military- no info
*4. Married Four times not three times and I only bring this up because of the Roy Moore bs. Her first marriage she was 14 and he was 25. The marriage took place in Texas so I don’t know the laws there but I would imagine parental consent was required. 
*5. The following are names she has used. Juliette Arlene White, Juliette A White-Muhammad, Arlene White, *Juliette M Wilson and Arlene Barnum.

Matt Reardon of the Facebook group Confederate Partisans and even the group Uncle Sams Misguided Children are on record for their support of this Communist Arlene Barnum who is operating as a member of the 5th column for the enemies of America she is a spy for BLM

Learn more about the Real Arlene Barnum CLICK HERE

Author: johnnyinfidel