The MOAR RALLY Terrorist Connections and Support Of Advocates For BLM

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The people and all those behind the Moar Rally support and have no problem with a Muslim/ex felon posing as ex-muslim who opposes ICE roundups of illegals by our President Donald Trump. Saad Kooza Salman supports open borders hear him for yourself in this video.Saad Kooza Salman also demands green cards for all illegals. He advocates a revolution by illegals and BLM against our Republic. He is also an advocate for a terrorist based organization 
That calls for the death of Veterans, police officers and a murder of all white people that’s backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. 
This man is being supported by the most not all three percent groups and thousands of Islamic appeasers who call themselves Patriots and three percenters.
Do not trust anyone who defends this man for they are defending an advocate for terrorists

Tommy E Hodges aka Tommy Gunn the felon behind organizing the Moar Rally is on record for supporting advocates for groups backed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The video below is about the man who the Moar Rally organizers and speakers support.

This next video is a Black Lives Matter leader calling for the death of ALL POLICE OFFICERS and white people. And Saad supported by Jon Ritzheimer says BLM does not call for killing Cops watch and see proof how Saad is a liar.

The next video is Understanding the threat to our Republic that we are facing make this go viral. This video proves Black Lives Matter is allied with and supported by Islamic terrorists aka The American Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood aka CAIR

There are Patriot groups and leaders that have been refusing to share this video for years because they are Islamic apologists

Another video of a leader in Bitches Losers and Maggots aka BLM calling for the murder of all white people.



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