The Anti Islam Video Benghazi Embassy Attack Was Blamed On -Banned By Facebook

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This is the video Hitlery Clinton tried to blame the Benghazi Embassy attack on and many other platforms. Freedom Fighter Radio has posted it here where its America Uncensored.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s back! Just when you thought The Innocence of Muslims was gone forever, the controversial 14-minute trailer on which then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (no less of a liar than her boss Obama) blamed Benghazi is back online for your viewing pleasure! If you happen to be offended by the content of this video, then instead of flagging this video, how about not watching it instead? We have freedom of speech in this country, you know, and that includes the freedom to make fun of historical figures that some people hold, um… sacred. As for why I’m uploading this video right now, here it is (please take note, YouTube):… That’s right, it should have never have been scrubbed from the Internet in the first place! Feel free to rip this video and upload it on your own channels! Share it with like-minded friends!

Author: johnnyinfidel

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