Video Exposing ISLAM AND VIOLENT Antifa Members Posing As Patriots Promoting Sharia Law Gets Banned By Facebook

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This video was banned by Fascistbook aka Facebook which is calling out Antifa and anti Trumpers who are making more death threats against Trump supporters. They are posing as patriots. Yet Claim Allah as their God and they promote the teachings of a Goat humping illiterate desert nomad genocidal manic child rapist and false prophet aka Muhammad.

EXPOSED – Sharia Law Is A Threat To America And Western Civilization what is Sharia Law? CLICK HERE

The names of people who are supporting these terrorist are as follows click on their names to see their facebook page, and help to silence them. All these people are islamic apologists as they are with full knowledge of supporting advocates for Sharia Law.

All names below also are also backing people who are currently trying to red flag Patriots and promoting Sharia Law.

This is link to a fake facebook page using a a fake name whose real name is Eldon Settelmeyer who is going by Saria Svetlana Imam to see her page CLICK HERE report it and silence this Anti American scum who is supporting the Islamic savages. Also calling on all lone wolfs with cyber skills to engage now against all the names in this post and report them to Facebook try reporting pages as spam and fake names it works sometimes. Also if their posts are not public report their pages for posting inappropriate content do it everyday till you get results sometimes it takes awhile but dont give up we must stand against those who support Islam. More to be listed in the future.

All the names below are knowingly supporting a islamic convert who is promoting Sharia Law and who has tried to red flag people. Some of the names below are fellow Goat Humping Savages aka Ragheads aka Muslim Scum , Patty Kitt , Kevin Edwards ,Chris Hill,Sheldon Hill,Bill Hartwell, Joe Framo, John Justice , Lori Leigh, Lora Leigh, Lowell Finch ,Gordon Wilson aka Scottsdalewilsonjr, William Wilson , Stephanie Smith Johnson , Bob Carignan , Wes Jones , William Wilson , Staci Lindberg , Shahzad Masih , Aamir Khan , Muhammad Zain Imam , Staci Lindberg , JoAnn DeSimone-Mulia , Kevin M. Hogan , Kirsten Herrera , Jason Doczi ,Tina Bowie aka Tina Vasudeva (domestic terrorist) aka Tina Piazza. We will update with more names as we get

Statement below from Michael Lovell who now is distancing himself from Eldon Settlemeyer aka Saria Svetlana Imam who is an advocate for the teachings of a Child Rapist aka THE FALSE PROPHET MUHAMMAD

I do not support Eldon Settlemeyer aka Saria Svetlana Imam or the Islamic faith of Pakistan, nor do I support red flag laws, or Sharia law in any way shape or form due to the disability it presents to the Constitution. Michael Lovell 08-25-2019

This first video is the banned Facebook video

Wife of PIma County Sheriff Deputy Jarret Settlemeyer admits shes a Muslim her name is Eldon Settlemeyer.

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Here she is again claiming Allah as her God

Eldon Settlemeyer is also on record defending Pakistan one of the most violent and hardcore country with Islamic Savages. She has full knowledge of the next video yet continues to support the Savages in Pakistan.

Audio clip of a former supporter that now does not since Eldon Settlemeyer has embraced the Islam and one of other supporters a felon named Sean Bosilvick aka Sean Q aka Sean Q Justice

This next video was also banned on my facebook accts and by every Social media platform such as Facebook,Instagram,MEWE,VIMEO,Twitter,Youtube just to name a few . The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to stop this video from being seen. Sharia is Spiritual Diarrhea. This site will not be silent or submit nor be intimidated by the Religion of the Antichrist aka Islam. We must not only educate about this threat but prepare for the inevitable conflict between Non Muslims and Muslims on American soil. Islam Is A Threat To America Resistance to Islam is Obedience to God the true God who sent his son Jesus to die for our sins

Pakistan’s Hidden Predators (Full Documentary) – Real Stories

Pima County Arizona Sheriffs department connection to Satanism, child porn,adultery,terrorism and insurrection against the Government exposed CLICK HERE

Muslim Brotherhood’s papers detail plan to seize U.S. DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE CLICK HERE

War Against Islam Now

Wake Up America This Video Is Whats Coming To America CLICK HERE


The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within CLICK HERE

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