Anti Islam Video – Banned By Facebook That The World Needs To See

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The video in this post was banned on my facebook acct at the request of Goat Humping Savages aka The Muslim Brotherhood. It has been banned by every Social media platform such as Facebook,Vimeo,Mewe,Instagram,Twitter,Youtube just to name a few . The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to stop this video from being seen. Sharia is Spiritual Diarrhea. This site will not be silent or submit nor be intimidated by the Religion of the Antichrist aka Islam. We must not only educate about this threat but prepare for the inevitable conflict between Non Muslims and Muslims on American soil. Islam Is A Threat To America

Resistance to Islam is Obedience to God

Another Video Exposing ISLAM AND VIOLENT Antifa Members Posing As Patriots Gets Banned By Facebook CLICK HERE

Wake Up America This Next Video Is Whats Coming To America If We Don’t Ban Islam CLICK HERE

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Author: johnnyinfidel

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