Anti-Semitic Terrorists

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Once again, despite our refrain “NEVER AGAIN”, we see anti-semitism exposed in America. The Democrat party embraces anti-semitic politicians such as Keith Ellison, glorifies anti-semitic activists such as Linda Sarsour, promotes anti-semitic movements such as BDS on liberal college campuses, funds anti-semitic organizations such as CAIR and Nation of Islam, and floods America with illegal immigrant invasions which conceal anti-semitic terrorists from the mid-east.

On social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, globalist billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey impose policies of censoring Jewish profiles which combat the rampant Jew hate spread by millions of anti-semitic posters, hate groups, and pages. While popular culture editors and fashion magazines attempt to normalize hijab wearing anti-semitic women who desire the enslavement of all non muslim infidels. In the streets across the planet, Jews are still chased and beaten. 

There is a war being waged against Jews on all fronts.
THE JDL is committed to stemming this tide and combating it with every legal tool available to us.

Therefore we are urging all Jews to become legal firearm owners.
Meet at your local synagogues, Jewish community centers, and places of gathering.

Practice gun safety, form gun range groups, apply for legal firearms permits.
Study Torah and the actions of our historic leaders who stood up to the anti-semitism of their times.

The battle is not new. It has been continuing for centuries.

We support President Trump’s pro-Israel efforts and his policy of America first, as both America and Israel face the scourge of Islamic terrorism and the extremism of leftists who want freedom destroyed.

Message sent to me by a Anti Semitic Muslim and friend of a Eldon Settlemeyer aka Saira Svetlana Imam. She and her muslim friends attacking me because Iam Jewish my question to him is why he and fellow muslims hang and persecute Christian’s and us Jews
Exposed Eldon Settlemeyer go to

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