Will Weaponized Drones Be Used By Domestic Terrorists Such As Antifa and Black Lives Matter?

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The successful use of small drones as weapons by terrorists in Middle Eastern war zones is raising concerns among U.S. security agencies that homegrown extremists will utilize them for domestic attacks.

As millions of light-weight drones flood the consumer market and the federal government struggles with monitoring the devices, counter-terror agencies now see a possibility that they could be used in the U.S. to carry explosives or as surveillance platforms,

A company called ThrowFlame made headlines with its $1,500 “TF-19 Wasp” flamethrower attachment for drones. It works with most unmanned aircraft with a payload capacity of five pounds or more. Most of that weight is fuel — one gallon gets you 100 seconds of burning time. The TF-19 Wasp can bathe targets up to 25 feet away in fire. ThrowFlame insists this isn’t a weapon. 

Say – nobody would EVER put a firebomb on a quadcopter anyway, would they? Why in hell would anyone want to do THAT?

Anyway, we’ve been lucky so far. But probably not because the FAA and your local community college have a bulletproof plan.

We’re simply lucky that guys like the California shooter, the Texas shooter, the Vegas shooter, the San Bernardino shooter, the pulse nightclub shooter, the Boston marathon bombers . . . we’re lucky it never occurred to them to buy a quadcopter.

When the first terrorist or nutjob who attacks a crowd with this, then EVERYONE will start copying it.

As I said at the start of this post: this probably is one of those predictions which the poindexters at your local college got right

Keep watching the skies.​

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Author: johnnyinfidel

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Debra gravett
Debra gravett
1 year ago

Is there a way I can share info to you…right now i have 2 stories to share w you that most important needs to get out..
#1. K Harris says ( i have the story if you want it) that when trump loses, she coming after all his supporters and no Rock will be left unturned ….
#2. (2 stories) one is jr in Maryland high school got failed in a class she was forsed to take teaching islam… becuz it went against her CHRISTEN faith
2nd story. I just read to 2day few states and Calif elementary schools and middle are usuing tax payers money hired teachers (have no teacher credentials) teaching kids Islam in schools …you will be shocked what they telling them. Please let me send where to you ???
Note:: 8 states USA have banned sharia …all states need to do that …6000 have put in for GOV’T positions…..they already fill alot
Once they get there number they will move against our country
They teaching that to our kids
That America is bad
Debra gravett fb mesaage me best. Or email. I hardly check. Msbodeb@gmail.com