Muslim children dress as terrorists and put on a play about attacking Jews – complete with weapons, a drone and body cameras – as proud parents watch at graduation ceremony

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  • Video shows children at Gaza kindergarten staging mock raid on Israeli outpost
  • Youngsters are wearing uniforms of terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad 
  • Five children storm outpost before capturing two more children standing inside 
  • Save The Children were advertising teacher training sessions at the school using Swedish government money the same year the video was taken

Video has emerged showing Palestinian children staging a mock terrorist raid on an Israeli house as part of a kindergarten graduation ceremony.

The footage was filmed at Dar al Huda school in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City in March last year, and shows five youngsters wearing uniforms of terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad staging the raid.

Fuck Palestine – Long Live Israel

In the video – which includes footage shot by a drone and body camera – the children can be seen carrying replica sniper rifles and assault weapons as they perform sophisticated military maneuvers in order to ‘capture’ the building.


Children at Dar al Huda kindergarten school in Gaza City were filmed in March last year taking part in a graduation ceremony where they dressed up as fighters for Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Five children are shown holding replica assault rifles and a sniper rifle and carrying out a mock raid on an Israeli military outpost accompanied by a drone (top center)

Inside are two children – one dressed as an Israeli civilian and another as an Israeli soldier – both of whom are shown being captured.


Muslim Children Execute 3 Christians

Fuck Palestine – Long Live Israel

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