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Addressing a racist bigot aka Anti Semites posing as Patriots. Remember not all but many who claim to be Godly are Anti Semitic some secretly. Time to resist antisemitics like Steven Phillip Fox also goes by S.P. Fox report any video you find this scumbag in.

Freedom Fighter Radio openly calls for all Jewish patriots and those who stand against Antisemitism to attack and take down by any means and report his Facebook pages along with any on his friends list for anything you can. He is needs to be shut down on Facebook and any other social media outlet. If his content is not public report them simply for anything. Time to go on the offensive. Here are links to his Facebook accts to attack CLICK HERE and here is a link to his other acct to attack CLICK HERE. Also anyone you see on his friends list or any video he in is fair game to attack as well. Help take down his friends as well ITS OPEN SEASON FOR CYBER HUNTING.

Here are two links to his friends list to take down and target for their support of this Anti Semitic bigot Link #1 CLICK HERE Link #2 CLICK HERE

Hey Steven Fox this is just beginning. Anti Semitic bigots like you will have their accts on social media targeted

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Author: johnnyinfidel

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