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1. It is practical to have English as the official language of the federal government.
Proponents argue that providing government documents and translators for hundreds of languages is very costly. Making English an official language will address the issue, saving the government lots of money. It will also free up funds that can be used for English education, job training programs and other programs that can better serve linguistic minorities.

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2. It will promote national unity.
Being a racially diverse country, having one official language will help bridge the cultural gap by enabling people to understand one another. In addition, by requiring immigrants to learn English, people will be able to understand the de facto language of the government and encourage them to actively participate in the democratic process. Not to mention, less money will be spent on redundant documents.

3. It will create national identity.
Language is important to any culture. It will help build and preserve America’s national identity. Roosevelt said it best when he boomed that the country must officially use the language used in the Declaration of Independence.

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