Georgia Pervert And Antifa Terrorist Sympathizer Insults All Confederates – Video

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Joe Framo of Marietta Georgia says all confederates can’t be trusted and don’t know what loyalty is. I disagree with him do you? He challenges anyone to call him if they disagree watch the video as he shares his number.

Call him 24/7 to share your thoughts about his video. His IP address is

To see posts about the Antifa member he supports CLICK HERE

In the audio below Joe Framo clearly admits to having sex with a Transvestite.

Joe Framo while married to his now estranged wife after 34 years of marriage was trying to hook up with women as seen below. Note 6 years before he and his wife separated he was doing all this. This is just some of what we have on him. He also is is supporting a domestic terrorist member of Antifa that has made death threats and solicited people to kill multiple Trump Supporters. The terrorist he supports has also been going around the country impersonating itself as a fed as in FBI agent.

Link to the Antifa terrorist he supports CLICK HERE

Look at his comment below he engages in cyber sex and masturbates to women during live video chats proof is below

Joe Framo misspelled child in the screenshot below he meant to say child not ching sick sick sick!!!!!

Below is another woman he was trying to cheat on his wife with

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