The Historical Gandhi Exposed (Called Hitler Friend) Gandhi’s racism continued until his death

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Gandhi’s racism continued until his death. He was in his 50’s when he covered up the racially motivated murder of William Doherty by Gandhians, in his 60’s when he fasted to deny fair political representation to the Dalit, and in his 70’s when he wrote letters defending Hitler and condemned the Jews for not surrendering to the Holocaust. (Both of Gandhi’s letters to Hitler were addressed to “my friend”)

Blacks have been twice victimized by the perpetuation of the Gandhi myth. First, he led anti-black campaigns in South Africa and then he was promoted as a hero for black civil rights. Presently, India is using Gandhi’s false image to befriend African countries for use as a voting bloc in the United Nations. Social justice, the restoration of the Indian minority communities, and the elimination of propaganda all require that people learn the truth about Gandhi.

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