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ANTIFA attacks the proud Boys and yet somehow ANTIFA get away with it and the Proud Boys go to prison for FOUR years

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Two members of the men’s group Proud Boys have been sentenced by a Manhattan judge to four years in prison for a physical altercation with Antifa that took place last year.

On Tuesday, 27-year-old Maxwell Hare and 39-year-old John Kinsman were found guilty of attempted gang assault, attempted assault and rioting because of the October 12 brawl.

A crowd of left-wing protesters awaited the Proud Boys as they exited the club following McInnes’ speech and even liberal outlets like Buzzfeed have been forced to admit the fight began when an Antifa member threw a bottle at the group.

The skirmish took place outside the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York’s Upper East Side where Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes delivered a speech.

3/6 But a review of multiple videos, including one that has not previously been made public, shows what happened after the talk, when McInnes’s audience members, including Proud Boys, began walking south on Park Avenue from 83rd Street.

For more context, watch the full video of the melee below:

Providing further evidence Antifa was out looking for a fight that night, Buzzfeed reported, “In a separate incident involving the Proud Boys about 10 minutes later, three leftist protesters were arrested for allegedly attacking a man and stealing his backpack.”

Commenting on the chaotic evening, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes said, “There were two fights that night. Antifa started both.”

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