Hatetrackers And Its Documented Criminal History EXPOSED

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Hate trackers has a long history of distorting the truth. This one could put innocent people owning such vehicles in jeopardy. Their website is full of lies and half-truths that seem to fit their agenda! They in fact have done this so much and so often that they finally pushed someone to file a lawsuit in federal court against the owners of the site, several employees, and their hosting company (Go Daddy)! This suit if I remember correctly, was filed in Kansas City federal court. The site filled with lies, is being sued for falsely claiming someone to be a pedophile. One of the alleged employees of the Hate-tracker site has been implicated as a scam/con artist. He has apparently been arrested for cyber-stalking and online scams in the past!

The man behind Hatetrackers is a faggot aka a peter puffing homosexual his favorite game is hide the salami

This individual has been involved in endangering the lives of many Patriots

Also the site wacko conspiracy site Above Top Secret registered to a William Urbine has also with knowledge posted lies and dis-information originating from the Govt. supported site Hatetrackers. In the police report below we wonder why this scum-bag was allowed to operate with two probation violations in 2010. 

In the report below we have redacted the personnel info of the victim in the report.

Published Author Jailed for Allegedly Scamming Families on Craigslist

Who owns Hatetrackers?

The info below information taken from a who is search

of the domain registry of Hatetrackers

who has put the lives of many Patriots in danger

as result his lies and dis-info

James Nix
5030 N May
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
United States

Nix, James tairyo1@gmail.com
5030 N May
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
United States

The above info was obtained from


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