Internet Censorship The Assassination Of Liberty Cell and Cable Providers Escalate Censorship of Pro-Freedom Sites

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European ISPs, cell and cable providers escalate censorship of Jihad Watch and other pro-freedom sites

We constantly see emails and tweets, “I can’t see the articles when I click on the links in your Daily Digest.”

Lately, we’ve been getting even more of these than we usually do. Here’s why. In my post here from last June, I reported that three major Internet service providers listed as blocking this site:

Source: Jihad Watch

We are now seeing a new block by Sky, one of the largest internet providers in the UK, added to the list. Mind you, this list consists only of providers that disclose their censorship. Many do not.

“Weapons”? This is a new false charge, totally unfounded. We don’t promote or advertise weapons, the purpose of this site is clear in the meta data: Jihad Watch is dedicated to “exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts.”

Clearly this censorship is politically motivated. For whatever reason, the providers don’t want the truth about jihad violence and Sharia to get out. But there is a way around this censorship, and it’s quite simple: change your DNS servers by using or, or better yet, using a VPN such as FreeDome.

I have blogged about this before, and many of the responses were really not helpful: “But I can see the site,” or, “I was blocked by Facebook.” All that may be true, but it is not the point. The point is that legitimate commentary is being blocked by the people who literally supply the Internet and how this can be easily circumvented. This is not just going on in the UK, I just have better documentation at hand for how it is being done in that country.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is an organization that is meant to protect these right of access and to combat such censorship, but it has abandoned us. Please use the contact page to ask them why, politely, calmly, and respectfully.

You can also check which of your other favorite sites are censored here.

Along with the Google bias that is well documented, this censorship will be the death of everything we hold dear if it isn’t challenged and defeated. This is not a matter of your right to say “nuke Mecca” on Facebook; this is the prevention of legitimate criticism of a destructive, inhumane agenda from seeing light of day, and although what is happening is widespread and growing, it is still not well understood. If you encounter someone who can no longer access Jihad Watch, please pass on to him or her this information about how to beat the blocks.

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