Antifa Psychopath Leaves Phone Messages And Threats To Trump Supporters

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Exposing Terrorist who continues to make death threats and slander Trump Supporters and those who oppose Islam Tina Marie Vausdeva also goes by Tina Piazza and Tina Singh whose real name is Tina Bowie her married name is Tina Vasudeva of Mcminnville Tennessee a 4ft foot 10 transgender dwarf terrorist operating on facebook under the fake name Tina Piazza real name as listed on her drivers license is Tina Vasudeva

The audio below exposes Tina the 4 foot 10 dwarf Antifa Terrorist and its associates

The 1st audio below was sent from a Antifa Dwarf who lies about a fellow Trump supporter and even makes a direct death threat at end of call it says it will crack open the skull.

Note the person she calls a fat bitch in Georgia is Sandra Armstrong Plante article on her here Trump Hating Antifa Terrorist and some who cover for them

The 2nd audio below is Tina lying and threatening a fellow Trump Supporter. Was sent to the widow of a Combat Vet who is 81 years old the phone message was sent from 615-393-4603.

For more info on this terrorist CLICK HERE AND HERE

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