Trump Hating Antifa Terrorist and some who cover for them

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A question about a Trump Hating Terrorist and some who cover for them.

The screenshot below is proof that Sandra Armstrong Plante who is 78 years old and the wife of a combat Marine is an apologist FOR ISLAM and a group which promotes killing Cops aka the Bitches Losers and Maggots known as Black Lives Matter She is promoting COEXISTENCE with Islam which is founded by a Goat humping illiterate desert nomad, throat slitting,child rapist and false prophet aka Muhammad that smelled like a sewer.

The audio below exposes Tina the 4 foot 10 dwarf Antifa Terrorist and its associates such as Sandra Armstrong Plante who supports her with full knowledge of all this

Link to her facebook page CLICK HERE

She thinks that there are no Jews against Islam. Sandra says Muslims are forgiving people lol. Again Sandra Armstrong Plante has become an advocate for people who follow the teachings of a Pedophile. She is a liar, and is alliance with advocates for Sharia Law

Learn more about The terrorist at this link…/18/terrorist-alert-2/

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