Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Dirty Little Secret Exposed

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Controversial Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a very questionable past she thought was behind her. In the age of technology this is impossible. Video of her smoking pot and engaging in lewd sex acts have been discovered with just a few easy keystrokes thanks to Google. We have the obtained the footage and it is quite raunchy. It appears that it was produced while she was in college prior to her other sordid career choices including being a Bartender at a seedy dive bar and her side income she earned giving Lap Dances to Patrons getting her panties stuffed with $100 Tips.

Here is the link to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez adult porn video. We are sharing the link to prove the information about this filthy Political Whore

To see video proof see video below


Be warned it is her adult video

Here she is with her boyfriend

Screen lift from one of the tapes which is tame in comparison to the pot smoking sex tape which we have obtained.This Hypocrite who is currently partying in Puerto Rico has no place in government and must be Impeached.

@AOC in Puerto Rico 1/12/19 
Let’s take a look at her Bartending Career which obviously makes her qualified to have the position she was elected to especially if the ones who voted for her were so drunk they would have voted for a goat!

A Message For AOC aka Alexandra Ocasio Cortez enemy of the Republic CLICK HERE

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Author: johnnyinfidel

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Sandra Plante
Sandra Plante
1 year ago

Wow. Amazing find!! Good job.

Mark Davis
Mark Davis
1 year ago

Dam your going to have Bill Clinton spanking his monkey after this 1.Shes sucking and fucking.Bitch you need to stay in porn not up Donald Trumps ass.