How to Report And Get Videos And Channels Removed From Youtube

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Many people are unaware that you can report and get peoples Youtube video taken down. So many think YouTube is a safe zone in reality the opposite is true. Here is the info on how to start getting peoples YouTube channels and videos taken down.

First, find your target. It is much easier to suspend people who have fewer than 20,000 subscribers and who aren’t a partner.
Next, you must do the following things:
1) Comment and thumbs down one of his recent video. The comment should say something like. “You’re so mean ):”
2) Go to Flag Video > Hateful or Abusive Content > Bullying
3) Send him a Private Message saying. “You have been warned” Or something along the lines of that.

Then, go to this website:

Fill out the form in this order:
Copyright infringement (Someone copied my creation) > I am! > Type in the URL of the video you flagged/commented > My Artwork > Then, under “Tell us about yourself” type in any dox that you have or just find information on Google. (Do not use your real information.) Then just select everything it says and click “Submit Complaint”.

Next, go to this website:

Wait the 15 seconds and select “I have read the about information”
Select “I have contacted the uploader via YouTube’s private messaging feature” Select “I have reviewed the Community Guidelines”
Select “I am being harassed by another user on the site”
Select ‘Harassment’ for “What is the issue?”
Select ‘Myself, child, or person whom I am legal guardian’ For “Who is it for?” Select “One of the following:”
Type in their Username.
Select “*** has created a video to harass me.” Select a recent video they uploaded. (DO NOT use the video you flagged and commented.)

Block the user and press continue.
Then submit the form on the confirm page.

Now, repeat these steps 3-4 more times.
Each time, do the steps while you’re logged in on a different account. Also, each time you do, select a different video then you did before.

After 24-72 hours, the user should be suspended. So check back often.

Wave the Flag

Under each video on YouTube is a toolbar with buttons that perform different actions, with a Flag icon appearing on the far right. This is the flagging tool which allows you to report a video to YouTube staff for review. Click the button and provide details as to why the video should be removed. If the video violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines it will be removed; but if there is no violation, the video will not be removed no matter how often it is flagged.

You can report users, inappropriate background images, or inappropriate profile avatars using the reporting flow located on the bottom of every channel.

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Go to the channel page you want to report.
  3. Click About.
  4. Click the flag drop down.
  5. Select the option that best suits your issue.

Report inappropriate content – Android – YouTube Help – Google Support…hl=en

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