Polish Chef Luckasz Uses Narwhal Tusk to Stop Islamic Terrorist On London Bridge

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A man known only as a “Polish chef named “Łuckasz” is being hailed a hero for pulling a narwhal tusk off the wall at Fishmongers Hall in London and using it to stop the terrorist who started randomly stabbing people at a university event there. In fact, video has circulated showing Luckasz confronting attacker Usman Khan along with another man wielding a fire extinguisher.

The video shows the heroic citizens cornering the stabber on the street. Peter Sweden, a journalist, shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “Polish man attacking the London bridge terrorist with a narwhal tusk. Somebody give this dude a suit of shining armor already. The Polish don’t mess around. His name is Luckasz. Share this act of bravery! History will not forget this man.”

Police previously identified the London Bridge attacker – who killed two people and injured three – as Khan, a 28-year-old man with a terrorism conviction. Other videos showed police gunning him down as citizens still surrounded him in the November 29, 2019 attack. He was attending a university prison rehabilitation conference when the stabbing broke out. The first victim named was Jack Merritt, who worked on prisoner rehabilitation issues.

Read full story and see the video CLICK HERE

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