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Antifa, claims to be against Fascism, but they oppose and suppress all free speech and freedom of expression [that does not agree with theirs’] to the point of blocking all debate. Even the most hateful speech is allowed under our constitution and suppression of any speech IS Fascism. Time to exterminate Antifa.

 Antifa Communist sent me this message today go to his page and it’s very clear hes Antifa and a Communist he has a post saying Fuck The Proud Boys. His profile link here

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My response to his comment Is that he would look better with a bullet in his head shot from an AR15.

VIDEO – Antifa Gets A Beatdown By Johnny Infidel Of Freedom Fighter Radio CLICK HERE

Here is a screenshot of his page and what he thinks of Some Patriots aka The Proud Boys

In the video below I Jim aka Johnny Infidel gives a crazed leftest member of Antifa a beatdown while I was doing a live video on FACEBOOK. with a police ASP baton at a Pro Trump Maga Hat Rally outside of CNN world Headquarters in Atlanta Georgia Saturday, February 16, 2019.I was also open carrying a Colt 45 1911.He was struck so hard that it bent the baton as seen in the video at the 50 sec mark. The attacker was struck again below the knee and received a serious bone fracture to his right leg. He was then held at bay with pepper spray till police took over. During the video when you hear the Antifa bitch scream it was because I was striking him multiple times with my steel ASP baton.

Note my bent ASP baton the guy in the pic is the crazed leftist Antifa. After he got back up and this pic is him right before I beat him down a second time, resulting in a bone fracture in his right leg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jimvsantifa-1.jpg


Here another screenshot from his page showing his support for Socialism

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