Clay Douglas Of The Free American Magazine And Veterans Today Exposed As A Jew Hating Nazi Bigots

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What’s it all about? In a word, COINTELPRO. The official COINTELPRO was implemented in 1956 by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. The acronym stands for COunter INTELligence PROgram. Remember the motto of COINTELPRO, from the infamous J. Edgar Hoover : “Neutralize them”.There are hordes of ambitious amateurs on the Internet who claim to be “exposing” COINTELPRO and related FBI/CIA operations. They also claim to be “exposing” legitimate, professional  journalists and whistleblowers, including Horowitz, Kane and Hartwell. These amateurs are mostly government stooges who serve as minions: gofers, errand boys and town criers, to spread the false information about their Targets, furnished by government operatives, far and wide.But there’s a serious problem with the material promoted by these amateurs: you can’t “expose” operations or individuals about which you are glaringly ignorant.These useful idiots, armchair warriors and keyboard commandos apparently think they can compensate for their lack of  knowledge,experience and expertise with aggressive verbal assaults against their Targets,  especially  including racial slurs and false accusations of being government agents. These stooges are a-dime-a-dozen, penny ante provocateurs with negatively inflated egos, fueled by paranoid fantasies and delusions of their own importance.A few days ago I received a series of e-mail messages from Sherri Kane, who was rightfully outraged at the audacity of radio talk show host Clay Douglas, who e-mailed her, promoting a series of interviews with Jew-hater John Kaminski, and also soliciting donations to support his operations of promoting anti-Jewish propaganda..

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Note Mike Harris of  Veteran’s Today has also not only been a guest on Free American Radio, but has also recently lied to America. Mike Harris of Veterans Today is on record for  stating JT Ready was not a nazi when it is a documented fact JT Ready was.

JT Ready below the man who Mile Harris of Veterans Today claims is not a Nazi

In fact Alex Jones and Infowhores aka Infowars is on record for the claim that it is not racist or divisive about praising Hitler ,calling Nazi Germany a great country or denying the Holocaust and the source of  Infowars info can be proven to be from Holocaust deniers and Nazi’s. This position of infowars is a documented fact which we challenge anyone to deny this.

To see proof about this on Infowhores aka Infowars see the archive of the post on Infowars CLICK HERE

Also Jan Dyer the mother of Charles A. Dyer aka July4thPatriot the convicted child rapist was a guest on this Nazi supporting piece of crap.

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