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Exposing A member of Antifa aka John Stonebrunt Posing as a Patriot and III% Percenter,who advocates killing cops. To go to his Facebook page CLICK HERE.

Note Freedom Fighter Radio supports TRUMP

Note there are many many 3% percent leaders that have this attitude and who support cop killers. I will be happy to debate this with anyone anytime

However others who claim to support Trump but are really Antifa are supporting this advocate for KILLING COPS aka John Stonebrunt. Some of them are listed below in this article. Note the BITCHS LOSERS and MAGGOTS aka BLM ,Black Lives Matter has also openly called for OPEN SEASON on killing cops. We have also posted video proof of that as well. Almost every single not all but most so called Patriot, Three Percent and Confederate Group has been silent about this. And Black Lives Matter is also being supported by the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. PATRIOT LEADERS HAVE NOT ADDRESSED THIS AND HAVE IGNORED TALKING ABOUT THAT FOR YEARS.

Video proof of the Muslim Brotherhoods alliance and support of Black Lives Matter is also posted below.

What kind of people are friends with scum like John who claim to be Patriots? Below is screenshot proof of John Stonebrunt advocating for killing cops.

The following names are people who are just some of his friends. They cannot deny that they support an advocate for killing COPS.Click on their names to go to their Facebook accounts. Its time to take down his and any of his friends Facebook accounts.

David Townsend, Inusah Sandra , Jim Doran , Joe Foti , John Rorschach , Ray Grandon , Ronald G. McCalpin , Sediqullah Jurat , Tammy Adams Long

This next video is a Muslim who is a Black Lives Matter Leader calls for the death of White police officers and says its open season on killing cops and white people

The next video is Understanding the threat to our Republic that we are facing make this go viral. This video proves Black Lives Matter is allied with and supported by Islamic terrorists aka The American Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood aka CAIR

To see more articles about others who are advocates for killing cops who also claim to be Patriots and Three Percenters CLICK HERE

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