Terrorist Alert – Antifa Member Threatens To Have Trump Supporters Killed

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Exposing Terrorist who continues to make death threats and slander Trump Supporters and those who oppose Islam Tina Marie Vausdeva also goes by Tina Piazza and Tina Singh whose real name is Tina Bowie her married name is Tina Vasudeva real name as listed on her drivers license is Tina Vasudeva of Mcminnville Tennessee a 4ft foot 10 transgender dwarf terrorist operating on facebook under the fake name Xi Chang

Report her fake facebook acct Xi Chang and all the posts Help take it down and or keep it in lockup asap. As it is posting lies about multiple people.

Here is the facebook account to attack https://www.facebook.com/labellavita123


Notice – The correct numbers of the terrorists in video below are 615-393-4603 and 702-715-6650

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She distributes child porn and Meth

The audio below exposes Tina the 4 foot 10 dwarf Antifa Terrorist and its associates

The video below which is my message to some ENEMIES OF THE REPUBLIC was banned by Facebook lol so it is now posted here.

UPDATE 10-28-2019

See more proof about this Antifa Dwarf terrorist who is mentally unstable click here it is a Facebook page that is exposing her too.

UPDATE 11-14-2019

Exposed Another Fake Acct of this Antifa Terrorist report it as such. the account link is https://www.facebook.com/labellavita123

UPDATE 11-15-2019

The 1st audio below was sent from a Antifa Dwarf who lies about a fellow Trump supporter and even makes a direct death threat at end of call it says it will crack open the skull. Note the person she calls a fat bitch in Georgia is Sandra Armstrong Plante the wife of a retired combat Marine.

The 2nd audio below is Tina lying and threatening a fellow Trump Supporter. Was sent to the widow of a Combat Vet who is 81 years old the phone message was sent from 615-393-4603.

Tina says – Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest of them all?
The mirror says – Not you bitch!


To see article about this click here —-> Video Exposing ISLAM AND VIOLENT Antifa Members Posing As Patriots Promoting Sharia Law Gets Banned By Facebook

UPDATE This post was banned by Fascistbook aka Facebook as indicted below

This video we play audio Of Tina soliciting someone for murder as in bash my head in

We traced her ip address and obtained its physical location as indicated below.


Its email address is americanthreeper@yahoo.com

This is what a Antifa dwarf terrorist in Tennessee drives its a 2012 Mazda Touring charcoal grey with black leather interior Tennessee tag

Image may contain: car and outdoor

The next pic is info on how to contact this Antifa Dwarf Terrorist’s alleged ex husband which we have audio confirmation from it claiming he is.

I did call Sanjay to make him aware of her terrorist activities against Trump supporters,and to hear the audio of this dwarf Terrorist claiming Sanjay is its ex husband click on audio below.

Is someone triggered? The woman in this video exposes Tina Vasudeva the psychopath dwarf terrorist.

Her daughter Serena used CPS to get away from her because she hates her abusive mother. And Tina claims to be a Christian but is a Satanist. She also abused her own dog which died over the animal abuse.

She distributes child porn and Meth

This terrorist has and continues to threaten to kill senior citizens in multiple states and their families and is spreading lies in a attempt to have people targeted and killed. Has even threatened to have me killed and has solicited people to do this.
To get more information about this terrorist

LEARN MORE GO TO www.tinapiazzaisadomesticterrorist.com

We openly encourage non stop phone calls to this Fraud 24/7 her number is in pic below

Video with audio of death threats to Trump supporters

Video of the terrorist soliciting people for murder

Who is working with Antifa and the Muslim brotherhood posing as a Patriot She continues along with others to make death threats against Trump Supporters and multiple patriots.

The ip address to this terrorist is

TERRORIST ALERT This is the psychopath inbred scumbag A Meth Head in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

Trump Hating Antifa Terrorist and some who cover for them

Exposed Supporter of Antifa terrorist who is posing as a Patriot and Trump Supporter aka Tami Cracraft-Everhart https://www.facebook.com/tami.cracrafteverhart.3 She is knowingly supporting a domestic terrorist. Who has threatened to kill Trump supporters and soliciting people for murder 

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