Armed Good Samaritan Saves Two Women From Crazed Florida Man

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 Resident Shoots Would-Be Intruder Trying To Enter Apartment Through Window

We’ve seen an uptick of Florida Man stories lately, and here we are again. This one comes out of Pine Hills. If the comment section of the source article is any indication, this kind of thing is not surprising to Pine Hill locals.
 Armed Good Samaritan Saves Two Women From Crazed Florida Man

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA — Yup, it is a Florida Man story. However, this one is of the “creepy” variety rather than the funny kind. It involves two girls who drew the ire of a man at a bar. When the women rebuked his advances, he went a little crazy.LEARN MORE
 Three 10th Graders Thought It’d Be A Good Idea To Try To Rob Couple During Gun Sale Meetup

Florida is not home to the brightest people, as we’ve seen with the phenomenon of Florida Man stories. The three teens in this story are well on their way to becoming Florida Man stories themselves, kicking it off with this robbery attempt.LEARN MORE
 Arizona Introduces A Whopper Of An “Assault Weapon” Ban Bill

Arizona Democrats have filed yet another “assault weapon” ban bill. This one is Senate Bill 1625. At first glance, with two notable stand-outs, it’s pretty much par for the gun-grabbing course; a ban on assaulty-looking guns with grandfathering.LEARN MORE
 NJ Mother And 2 Children Murdered After Getting Restraining Order Against Husband

A triple murder-suicide took place in New Jersey after a few weeks of troubled relations between a husband and wife. When the husband threatened to kill his wife, she kicked him out of the apartment and filed a restraining order in court.LEARN MORE
 Three Thugs Run After Seeing The Delivery Driver They’re Targeting Is Armed

AKRON, OHIO — The presence of a firearm, in the majority of self-defensive situations, is enough to end the threat. The trigger isn’t pulled, no one dies, and everyone lives to see another day.
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