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Exposed Antifa apologist and Terrorist who is posing as a Patriot and Trump Supporter aka Tami Cracraft- Everhart . She is claiming to be a Trump Supporter but is behind the scenes working with people that are connected to Antifa, and Black Lives Matter. She is a mole operating as a member of a 5th column for the Radical left. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED https://www.facebook.com/tami.cracrafteverhart.3 

Video of Kathie Barker exposing this Human Whale who files false Police Reports

Click on pic below to see articles about the terrorist Tammy Everhart is a advocate for

Awww Tammy do you miss Jeff ??


UPDATE: Screenshot of our reporting of her Facebook page we openly call for non stop reporting of her Facebook and Social Media accounts and all those we expose along with any of their supporters ITS GAME ON

ALSO KNOWN AS – Tammy L. Everhart,Tammy Goodwin and Tammy Caruuso. Resides in Pahrump Nevada.

Her email ttzzeverhart51@icloud.com
The phone number to this terrorist supporter who is posing as a Trump supporter is 702-715-6650 call this lying bitch and share your thoughts.

Watch this funny video we did on Tammy

This next video is dedicated to the Fat Lying Snaggle Tooth Trailer Trash Whore aka Tammy L. Everhart

Tami – Honey am I pretty or ugly?
Mr Everhart – Both
Tami – Both what do you mean?
Mr Everhart – You’re pretty damn ugly.

Tammy is so fat shakes Free Willy look like a Tic Tac

She is knowingly supporting a domestic terrorist. Who has threatened to kill Trump supporters and soliciting people for murder

Below are places she has been known to hang out at in Pahrump Nevada click on the names below the pics for info on these places

A bar she goes to

Vince Neil’s Tatuado Wild Side Tavern

A park she goes to

Petrack Park

A medical facility she has gone to

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Tami’s email is ttzzeverhart51@icloud.com

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