‘Clearest example of a jihadi recidivist in U.S.’ who died waging jihad in Texas had been bailed out of jail by Democrat candidate and CAIR-AZ founder

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Yesterday Creeping Sharia posted on the latest OIG Report detailing how the FBI missed chances to stop U.S. terrorists.

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One of the terrorists listed in the report was Elton Simpson.See the graphic below from the OIG report (red outline added).


The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point describes the same Elton Simpson in their November 2019 (Volume 12, Issue 10) report. An excerpt from the report titled, “An Examination of Jihadi Recidivism Rates in the United States”:

It is worth pointing out that Elton Simpson, the clearest example of a jihadi plot recidivist in the United States over the past 30 years, did not go to prison. His earlier conviction resulted in probation only. He never made it to prison for the second offense because he was killed in the process of carrying out an act of terrorism.

Further examination is warranted to understand why Simpson never made it to prison and only received probation, making him available to plot and attempt the jihad attack to kill Americans in Texas.

As Creeping Sharia has written previously, Simpson was bailed out of jail by a Democratic candidate and member of two terror-listed Muslim organizations: Source:

Deedra Abboud’s not just a Southern girl who converted to Islam and married a guy from Iraq. She’s the director of the Arizona chapter of the Muslim American Society‘s Freedom Foundation, a Washington-based civil rights group.

Abboud was also on the board of directors of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, which was attempting to start an Arizona chapter.


As Creeping Sharia wrote here, Arizona: Muslim who worked for terror-linked CAIR & MAS announces bid for U.S. Senate:

Both CAIR and MAS – organizations that Abboud chose to work for – have been listed as terrorist organizations.

As a lawyer, Abboud knows this and still chooses to work with CAIR

More info about CAIR click here

Deedra Abboud also helped raise bail money for a now-dead Muslim terrorist who was previously convicted about lying to the FBI:

Abboud, who helped raise money for [Elton] Simpson’s bail and knows many of his closest acquaintances.


Simpson and another Phoenix resident, Nadir Soofi, were identified as the two gunmen who were shot and killed Sunday night after they tried to approach the cartoon contest in Garland, Texas.

A rising figure in the Democratic party in Arizona raised bail money for a now dead jihadi who tried to kill Americans.

Did the FBI, per the OIG report, fail to properly assess Elton Simpson because Deedra Abboud and CAIR vouched for Simpson?

Will anyone investigate further?

Much more on Abboud here. More about CAIR here

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