The Corona Virus and Hoarding Walmart allows hoarding Publix Does Not – Video Proof

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By now, you’ve likely seen one of the most visible reaction to the coronavirus — empty shelves at the grocery store. There’s no denying this is happening. What’s a bit more puzzling is why this is happening.

President Trump on Sunday urged Americans not to hoard groceries or other supplies in panic over the coronavirus pandemic. Trump said “There’s no need for anybody in the country to hoard essential food supplies.”

Wallmart allows hoarding Publix does not

 To call the Publix in this video to thank them for limiting purchases call (800) 242-1227

Call the Walmart in this video to share your thoughts about them allowing hoarding their number is (706) 860-0170 or try (706) 941-5317

A crisis reveals our core values and beliefs. When a tornado or hurricane strikes, some of us donate to charities, put our shoulders to clearing away the rubbish and help victims in our midst sift through the unimaginable chaos for the cherished memories of a lifetime.

So what is it in our psyche that drives many of us in the midst of the uncertainty of the coronavirus to empty grocery shelves with the feeding frenzy of a school of piranhas? It is one thing to be prepared; it is quite another to hoard. And why is toilet paper seemingly the most valuable item for panicked shoppers?

Psychologists suggest that stockpiling gives people a sense of control when they otherwise feel powerless. We would add that a lack of public leadership at the highest levels only feeds public panic. When it looks like those in charge don’t have a handle on the problem, more than a few people will do the only thing within their power — stockpile for the uncertain times ahead.

Wallmart allows hoarding Publix does not. Publix unlike Walmart is limiting how many items per customer I say. I will no longer be a Walmart customer. This video done in Augusta Georgia join me in Boycotting Walmart

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